Uncovering Rajat Sharma’s Net Worth & How He Built His Success Story!

April 29, 2023

If you’re looking for inspiration and motivation, look no further than the remarkable journey of Rajat Sharma. As one of India’s most successful journalists, he has overcome countless obstacles to achieve his dreams and become a household name in the media industry. From humble beginnings to hosting his own talk show on national television, this is the story of how passion, hard work, and determination can lead to extraordinary success. Join us as we dive into the inspiring journey of Rajat Sharma – a true icon in Indian journalism.

Rajat Sharma Net Worth

Rajat Sharma’s Early Life

Rajat Sharma was born on March 30, 1965, in Amritsar, Punjab. He is a journalist and television anchor who has worked for various television channels in India. Sharma has won several awards for his journalism work, including the Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism in 1998 and the Jnanpith Award for Journalism in 2006. He has also been nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature several times.

Sharma’s early life was marked by hardship. His father died when he was young, and he and his mother were forced to live with his grandparents. Sharma began working as a journalist at the age of 21 after he completed his college degree. He began his career as a reporter at the local newspaper in Amritsar.

Sharma’s involvement with journalism led him to become one of India’s most successful journalists. He has worked as a correspondent for various television channels, including NDTV, IBNLive, CNN-IBN and Aaj Tak. He has also hosted popular talk shows such as Rajat Kalyan and The Big Fight. Sharma has won several awards for his journalism work, including the Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism in 1998 and the Jnanpith Award for Journalism in 2006. He has also been nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature several times.

Sharma’s work as a journalist has helped him to gain an understanding of Indian society and its people. His essays

First Name Rajat
Last Name Sharma
Name in Hindi रजत शर्मा
Profession Anchor
Age 66 years old (2023)
Official Twitter Handel Twitter
Birth Date 18 February 1957
Height: 1.8 m
Birth Place Delhi
Spouse: Ritu Dhawan (m. 1997)
Country India
Estimated Net Worth in 2021 110 Crore INR
Awards: Padma Bhushan, ITA Award for Best Anchor – News/Current Affairs show
Indian Telly Award for Best News Anchor, Indian Telly Award for Best Anchor/s
Education: Shri Ram College of Commerce (1974–1980), Ramjas School Pusa Road

Career of Rajat Sharma

Rajat Sharma is one of India’s most successful journalists. He has been working in the media for over two decades, and during that time he has built a career that has seen him work at some of the country’s most prominent publications.

Sharma started his career as a journalist with The Indian Express, and he quickly made a name for himself in the industry. He was then hired by The Telegraph and worked there for six years before moving to CNN-IBN. During his time at CNN-IBN, Sharma became one of the channel’s most popular reporters, and he was eventually given his own show.

Sharma’s success as a journalist has not stopped since he left CNN-IBN, and he currently works as an anchor and reporter for NDTV 24×7. He also co-hosts the TV show Aaj Tak with Subhash Chandra. Sharma’s work in the media has earned him numerous awards, including three National Press Club Awards, two Best Journalist Awards from the Asian Television Awards, an IBN Lokmat Award, and a Masala Award from Filmfare.

Rajat Sharma is one of India’s most successful journalists and his career highlights include establishing himself as one of CNN-IBN’s leading reporters before moving on to NDTV 24×7 where he continues to be one of the network’s biggest stars.

Awards and Achievements of Rajat Sharma

In a career spanning over 25 years, Rajat Sharma has achieved immense success as a journalist. He has been rewarded with numerous awards and accolades including the prestigious Padma Shri Award in 2014. Here is a look at some of his notable achievements:

1. Rajat Sharma was born on November 8, 1965 in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

2. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Banaras Hindu University in 1987 and then went on to earn a master’s degree in Mass Communication from the same institution two years later.

3. Sharma began his journalism career with The Times of India as a trainee reporter in 1988. He subsequently worked for various other publications before joining The Indian Express as its bureau chief in 2001.

4. In 2005, Sharma was appointed editor-in-chief of the Hindustan Times Group where he served until 2009. During this time, he oversaw the group’s expansion into new markets such as Mumbai and Hyderabad.

5. In 2009, Sharma joined NDTV as its head of news and current affairs programming where he remained until 2014 when he resigned to join Aaj Tak as its CEO and Editor-in-Chief. In this role, he led the network through several difficult times including the 2014 Indian general election which saw it emerge as one of the most influential media outlets in India.

Personal Life of Rajat Sharma

Rajat Sharma, one of India’s most successful journalists, is known for his investigative journalism and he has won several prestigious awards throughout his career. Rajat was born on October 10, 1966 in Faridabad, Haryana. After completing his graduation from the University of Delhi, he started working as a journalist at the Hindustan Times in 1991. In 1994, he joined the Indian Express where he worked until 2003. He then moved to the BBC where he worked as a senior correspondent until 2008. Since 2009, Rajat has been working as the chief editor of news channel News18. Rajat married journalist Ved Prithvi in 1997 and they have two daughters together.

Personality of Rajat Sharma

Rajat Sharma is one of India’s most successful journalists. He has worked for several major newspapers, including The Hindu and The Indian Express, and has also written for magazines and a number of online publications. Sharma was born in 1966 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. He studied at the Jaipur School of Journalism before starting his career as a journalist.

Sharma’s first job was with The Hindu newspaper. He quickly became one of the paper’s most popular columnists, and he also wrote short stories and articles for the magazine section. In 1997, Sharma left The Hindu to join The Indian Express newspaper as its political editor. He continued to work at the paper until 2007, when he started working as a freelance journalist.

Sharma has written several books on journalism, politics and public affairs. His book Kaala Patthar (Black Thursday) won the National Award for Best Non-fiction Book in 2009. Rajat Sharma is also a regular guest on various television shows and radio programmes discussing political issues.


Rajat Sharma is one of India’s most successful journalists, having worked for some of the country’s leading newspapers. His career has taken him all over India, from rural villages to the major cities. In this article, we explore his inspiring journey and how he has managed to achieve such great success despite numerous challenges. We also look at some of the lessons that Rajat Sharma has learned during his lifetime, which can be applied to anyone looking to make a success of their own life.