How to Delete/Hide Your Amazon Purchase History

August 9, 2022

These details explains workarounds for hiding orders and purchases from those who share the identical account or computer to ensure that surprises aren’t spoiled. Instructions affect Amazon .com on my pc.

Hide Orders Through an Household Account

The easiest method to cover your purchases out of your folks are through getting an Amazon .com Household Account, this can be a approach to share Amazon .com Prime among family people This process is wonderful for Prime people only, enabling you to share Prime benefits with another adult, in addition to teens and youngsters inside your household.

Children Account allows you to keep your Amazon purchase history, recommendations, and lists private and from doorways of teens and kids. Both adults have the advantage of share select Prime benefits and digital content employing a Family Library. Household can contain around ten people when using the following stipulations:

The simplest way to Hide Amazon Orders Without Prime

Without acquiring an excellent membership, don’t get worried relating to this. You might still possess some options that will assist you provide a layer of privacy for your account activity. Incorporated during this are archiving orders, hiding order history, different your shipping address, and making use of an Locker for delivery.

Archive Your Orders

Archiving an order does not delete an item completely, nevertheless it’ll hide the product from your default order page. However, archived products will still appear if they are particularly searched for over the order page.

Join the account then click Returns & Orders, across the right side inside the menu bar.

Once opened up up up up, scroll lower to get the item(s) you have to hide, then select Archive Order, within the base left. Archive each purchase you need to hide-around 100 products. You should employ searching feature to discover multiple products in your orders page.

Archiving an order on

If you choose the archive button, a window look suggesting that you simply confirm that you just do have to Archive a purchase. Once archived, the product is quickly invisible in your default order history page.

If you wish to consider a purchase detail connected obtaining a archived orders, hover your mouse over Accounts & Lists inside the menu, then see your Accounts. Using this page, find out the Archived orders link inside the Ordering and shopping preferences area.

To recuperate an archived for that default order history view, select Unarchive Order.

Your browsing history also holds a trail of breadcrumbs that will give snoops knowledge of the products products you may have purchased, or are preparing to buying. By editing your browsing history, you are able to delete specific products or delete all of your history. You may even disable Amazon’s capability to continuously track your browsing history entirely, which may be advisable for that a couple of days before the holidays.

Go to the homepage and hover your mouse over Browsing History.

Editing your browsing history.

Click View and Edit inside the pullout menu.

Click Remove from view to pay for an item within the history page. Click Manage history to find yourself in two additional options: Remove all products from view and switch Browsing History on/off.

Improve Your Delivery Location

Nothing creates an immediate sense of mystery just like a brown box sent to the doorstep. To keep the surprise under wraps-ask to supply your package elsewhere-a friend’s house or perhaps work address.

Screenshot of Amazon . option to edit delivery addresses

Utilize the Accounts & Lists menu comes up to find yourself in Your Hard Earned Dollars. Select Your addresses within the Ordering and shopping preferences section then choose Add Address.

Readily Locker

Another stealth delivery option is by using an Locker. This can be frequently an absolutely free option and will be offering the opportunity to have the package when it’s easy to meet your needs. The lockers are self-serve delivery kiosks, located strategically around your city. Your packages are stored within the safety-coded locker prior to them.

To discover and select an Locker, go to the locker delivery page then click Select a locker where you live..

Searching by address, zipcode, landmark, or locker/store name to discover an Locker.

Amazon . Locker search page.

In the event you place an order, the Locker look as an address option. When you purchase the locker delivery, will email a distinctive six-digit code you will need to open the locker. Then you’ll have three calendar days to get your item before it will likely be returned to for virtually any refund.

The transaction background browsing activity may also be employed by Amazon’s bots to help anybody web surfing to supply more clues for your activity, getting its simple, “you may also like” messages.

How would you cancel an order?

If you want to cancel an order, register to, see your Your Orders, choose the order, then select Return > Cancel products.

How would you download my order history?

Go to the History Reports page and register for the money if motivated to produce reports. For individuals who’ve an Business account, you are receiving insights in your orders and spending.

How would you delete my search history?

See your Amazon .com browsing background select Remove from view underneath the products you need to remove, or visit Manage history > Remove all products from view. You may even delete your Amazon .com Prime Video watch history.

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